HPIS Consulting, Inc. (Human Performance Improvement Solutions)
HPIS Consulting, Inc.(Human Performance Improvement Solutions)

Common Client Issues - HPISC Solutions

Clients come to HPISC usually with an urgent need to close a performance gap. 


Typical Challenges:

"Our current training program isn't meeting FDA expectations." 

Building a Robust Training System

  • Assess current process and identify departmental practices
  • Incorporate Key Systems Elements
  • Optimize the flow of forms for data input
  • Roll out and manage the transition


"We need to get rid of our Bloated Curricula!"

Right Sizing Curricula Allocation

  • Identify outcome driven processes
  • Procedures and Tasks Alignment
  • Required Skills for completion of steps


"We don't really have internal training standards for our OJT Trainers."

Designining the OJT Methodology

  • Evaluate current tools in use
  • Provide new tools for structuring OJT experiences
  • Qualifed Trainers deliver comprehensive training package


"Our Train-the-Trainer program has kind of stalled out".

Qualifying SMEs as Trainers

  • Conduct Readiness Assessment
  • Assist with Fine Tuning current SME process
  • QT Workshop for OJT QTs

Customized combination of Learning Theory and Client internal training process

  • SMEs as Classroom Facilitators
  • Content Design for SMEs Classroom Trainers


Request for more Information available upon request.

Sound Familiar?

"We deliver training because it's required, but folks aren't really satisifed with our GMP Training program".

Sampling of HPISC Client Requested Courses

Annual Refreshers:

Good Documentation Practices: Where DID all the rules come from anyway?

7 GMP Work Habits

Operator Error: Is that really the root cause?

Intermediate Courses:

System Based Inspections

State of Control: Are we ensuring SQuIP?

Core GMP Assessment Team Workshop

Quality System Core Audit Team Workshop

GMP Basics Series:

GMP Messages for Operations

GMP Messages for Management

GMP Messages for Professional Support Staff

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