HPIS Consulting, Inc. (Human Performance Improvement Solutions)
HPIS Consulting, Inc.(Human Performance Improvement Solutions)

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  • Article: "Moving Beyond Read and Understood SOP Training" March, 2015, PDA| As quoted by Key Note Speaker David Spaulding: GMP Summit 2015 - Hyderab, October 2015.
  • Article: "Operator Error: Is that really the Root Cause? December, 2006, Biopharm |As referenced by Jussi Tapani Sissonen - Masters Thesis on Poka-Yoke for Mass Customization: Approved by Council of the Faculty of Technology Management 25Ferbruary 2008, Helensinki.
  • Article: "If Training is So Easy, Then Why Isn't Everyone in Compliance?" January, 2004, Biopharm |As quoted by Gordon Welty in his book: Quality Assurance: Problem Solving and Training Strategies for Success in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry: Chapter 9, 2004, p.240.  Aslo quoted by Gordon in "Developing Assessment of Trainee Proficiency" Journal of GXP Compliance, Volume 12, Issue 1, October, 2007, pp. 64-73.

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What's the difference between a Trainer and a Performance Consultant?

What is HPI?

Human Performance Improvement (HPI) can be viewed as the study of human behavior in the workplace and the myriad factors that shape employee performance. 


Improving employee (human) performance becomes a priority when errors and deviations cause the organization to miss goals or performance targets and when corrective actions become strategic projects.

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