HPIS Consulting, Inc. (Human Performance Improvement Solutions)
HPIS Consulting, Inc.(Human Performance Improvement Solutions)

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HPIS Consulting begins the dialogue with site leaders where they are experiencing their human performance gap(s) the most.

Achieving Performance Improvement Strategically across Four Levels of Organizational Needs

Clients value a disciplined transition into Future State with a quicker End-User adoption of HPI Solution(s) that are defendable, repeatable, and sustainable.

Learn how a HPI-focused Key Performer Analysis reshaped two corporate human capital initiatives.

HPISC Impact Story

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"If the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer ..."

Providing automatic SOP retraining for a performance problem is analogous to using a hammer for every home project.  Instead, HPI Consultants, aka, Performance Consultants move beyond the traditional "fix-it-training" to a systematic approach for solving organizational people issues.  This is more than GMP Training program design.

Closing Performance Gaps with the Right Solutions

The essence of HPI methodology is all about implementing the right solution based on the data (evidence) from the performance cause analysis.  When properly matched, HPI projects improve KPIs and influence organizational metrics.

Learn more about what it takes to shift to a performance improvement mindset rather than a traditional training fix.

Table of Contents:

Part One - Understanding Human Performance

Part Two - The Performance Consultant Role

3 Impact Stories of HPI Projects:

I need training for 800 employees ASAP

Capturing Secret Sauce of Sr. Operators

I've been Re'Org'd.  What's in it for me?

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What is HPI?

Human Performance Improvement (HPI) can be viewed as the study of human behavior in the workplace and the myriad factors that shape employee performance. 


Improving employee (human) performance becomes a priority when errors and deviations cause the organization to miss goals or performance targets and when corrective actions become strategic projects.


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HPIS Consulting, Inc.

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HPIS Consulting, Inc.

Lake Worth, FL 33467

Phone: +1 203 4708363 +1 203 4708363

E-mail: vbringslimark@hpisconsulting.com

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