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Definition of a Robust Training System:

What makes a training system robust?  When the six elements, its sub-processes and cross-functional quality system linkages are organized into a logical flow that is controlled by procedures, is repeatable and is in sync with an Employee Training and Development Life-Cycle.

Vivian Bringslimark, HPIS Consulting, Inc.

6 Elements of a Robust Training Systems

GXP Training & Curricula Management

The first essential element is an approved set of training requirements for each directly involved position.  This includes GXP Basics for New Hires.

Structured OJT for Procedures

The next essential element is to gain consensus & commitment for the methodology used to teach task related and equipment based SOPs aka OJT Steps.

Use of Qualifed Trainers

A key element of an RTS, is the deployment of qualified and trained SMEs as Department Trainers.  Being the most senior or most knowledge technician does not automatically qualify someone as an effective OJT Trainer.  Regulatory expectations now include a more rigorous process for qualifying SMEs.

Employee Qualification & Training Effectiveness Measures

Completion of training curricula requiremetns is no longer a sufficient form of evidence.  OJT Methodology needs to include the process for qualifying employees as a measue of demonstrated confidence in employees abilities to perform procedures accurately and completely without the supervision of his/her trainer.

GXP Refresher Series

The old standard for companies in the Life Sciences was once a year.  Today, the expectation is at least twice a year with some companies offering more choices and points based programs towards GXP Training Requirements.

Training Documentation Process

Alas, this is where requirements, documentation, tracking and reporting come togethr ans is the last essential element of a RTS.  Whether paper based or digital, all of the other elements must be integrated into a logical process that enables employeee to be trained and qualified to perform the functions of their job duties.

HPISC Definitive Guide to Making a Quality Training System Robust is now available.

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Robust Training Systems and Qualifying SMEs

Most popular request is to fix a broken training system.

Qualifying SMEs across 3 programs:

*Qualified Trainer Workshop

*Technical SME as Classroom Trainer

*SMEs as Investigators

Annual GMP Refreshers

Clients have  4 options to meet their site learning needs:

*Complete Outsource (Design and Delivery)

*HPISC Designs / Client Delivers

*HPISC conducts a Rapid Design Workshop with Internal Trainer

Virtual Delivery is NOW AVAILABLE


HPISC offers complementary brainsparking chats to inspire your next GMP Refresher design.


Improving Human Performance Gaps

Begins with a complementary discussion to determine whether Performance Cause Analysis is needed.

Performance Cause Analysis provides data for the diagnosis.


Inspection Readiness

Inspection Readiness Training Curriculum

Training and Live Coaching Front Room . Back Room Roles

Coordination of SME

Interviewing Practice Sessions

What is HPI?

Human Performance Improvement (HPI) can be viewed as the study of human behavior in the workplace and the myriad factors that shape employee performance. 


Improving employee (human) performance becomes a priority when errors and deviations cause the organization to miss goals or performance targets and when corrective actions become strategic projects.


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